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Abraham Laboriel - Greg Mathieson
Allen Hinds
Andy Middleton
Anton Schwartz
Bill Cunliffe
Bill Fulton
Bill Warfield
Billy Mitchell
Bob Florence
Bruce Lofgren
Cathy Segal Garcia
Chris Walden
Cover - Parlato Duo
Dave Ameele
Dave Hooper
Dave Liebman
Dave Pell
Dave Samuels
Dave Wild
David Friedman
Dean Taba
Dick Halligan
Dick Weller
Dwayne Smitty Smith
Eddie Reyes
Emil Richards
Ernie Watts
George Kahn
Greg Mathieson
Jenna Mammina
Jimmy Haslip
Joe LaBarbera
John Abercrombie
John Beasley
Kim Richmond
Kim Richmond - Clay Jenkins Ensemble
Kristin Korb
Les Hooper
Lonesome Tree
Lounge Art Ensemble
Mark McMillen
Mary Ann McSweeney
Matt Harris
Matthew Von Doren
Melvin Lee Davis
Michael White
Mike Campbell
Mike Fahn
Paul Kreibich
Pete Carney
Pete Snell
Peter Erskine
Peter Erskine - Richard Torres
Putter Smith
Quintet of the Hot Club of San Francisco
Randy Brecker
Rhythm Logic
Rick Culver
Sal Cracchiolo - Melanie Jackson
Sherman Ferguson
Stacy Rowles
Steve Rudolph
Terry Waldo
Texas Brown
Tom Canning
Tom Garvin
Tom Ranier
Tom Warrington
Vince Mendoza


3prime Three of LA's most prominent musicians make up this group whose sound varies from soul to salsa to jazz.


Abraham Laboriel - Greg Mathieson Fantastic duo of two great soulful L.A. communicators.

Allen Hinds Allen has a touch that most guitarists would kill for. Utilizing influences ranging from Wayne Shorter to the Beatles, his style is exciting and eclectic.

Andy Middleton “Totally contemporary playing and writing with a real sense of the jazz tradition. Excellent!” - Dave Leibman

Anton Schwartz At 27, Anton was answering the call of his long-standing passion for jazz, stepping away from the high-level research in Artificial Intelligence he’d carried out at Harvard and Stanford

Babaghanoush A totally new sound combining Mediterranean music with
American jazz fusion. Truly original.

Bill Cunliffe Grammy nominated composer, arranger and jazz pianist Bill Cunliffe has gathered nationwide attention with his innovative and swinging recordings and compositions.

Bill Fulton An extraordinary keyboardist and composer who making big impression in LA.

Bill Warfield This is a writer and a player who should have much wider recognition in the jazz world. Fortunately for music education, he has made a distinguished career as a teacher.

Billy Mitchell One of LA's most in-demand jazz piano players who covers many bases - all of them well.

Bob Florence The history of jazz and big bands on the West Coast is defined by this master composer/arranger & player.

Bruce Lofgren Bruce Lofgren compositions are unique and compelling and transcend several music genres including Latin, new age, jazz, blues, classical, and pop, portending great emotional complexities while remaining grounded in the process of discovery.--rj crane

Cathy Segal Garcia Cathy Segal-Garcia is an L.A.-based jazz singer, recording artist, educator, and composer.

A model of warm, exquisitely focused jazz vocalizing...sensuous voice and cool harmonies.
Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

Chris Walden Chris Walden and his great band breathe vibrant new life into our beloved 'Big-Band' tradition. Bravo, Chris... and keep the fires burning!

John Williams

An aurally captivating delight. In the best traditions of the Big Band genre it [new CD Home Of My Heart] is beautifully written and magnificently executed

 Jeremy Lubbock

Cover - Parlato Duo Two musicians from the Southwest making a very personal statement.

Dave Ameele As one of the better known drummers in the Los Angeles area, Dave Ameele has led a jazz group since 1990. Featured musicians have included Osama Afifi, Bruce Babad, Greg Eicher, Rick Hanna, Todd Johnson, Larry Koonse, Rob Lockart, Bobby Rodriguez, Bob Sands.

Dave Hooper A deep pocket groove drummer who doesn't get enough sleep. Has authored the book, How to Play Really Fast Fusion While In Bed.

Dave Liebman Liebman is one of the most important saxophonists in contemporary music...a leader and artist of integrity and independent direction. 
 Downbeat Magazine

Dave Pell One of the influential band leaders of the West Coast Cool School. On this site, he also has a large collection of authentic Big Band Swing charts that he produced and arranged with many Hollywood's great musicians.

Dave Samuels Dave Samuels, with his distinct musical personality, has established himself as the top mallet player of his generation.

Dave Wild A scholar, writer, player and composer, Dave leads an All Star trio and quartet through many different moods.

David Friedman Whether playing solo,with is new trio, TAMBOUR, duo with Keiko Abe or Dave Samuels,David Friedman breathes long, fluid, angular phrases into his solos, moving well beyond his instrument‘s technical limitations. His compositions are the language of harmonic and rhythmic richness with just a touch of irony.


Dick Halligan This arrangement of a Greg Mathieson original is truly powerful. Done with a brass section and string section, it is the product of overdubbing parts onto an existing band track by some of LA's premier musicians.

Dick Weller Dick Weller is one of the most electrifying drummers in the California area today. His virtuosity has gained him recognition from some of the top jazz musicians in the United States and has earned him the reputation of being one of the most versatile, hard-driving, solid groove players around.

Dwayne Smitty Smith A funky R&B/Smooth Jazz bassist who has worked with many of the top people on the scene today. The tracks on this site offer up Smitty's first rate skills as a composer and arranger.

Eddie Reyes An exiting visit to World Jazz by an extraordnary guitarist,
composer and arranger.

Emil Richards One of the jazz world's most inventive musicians.

Ernie Watts Ernie Watts has developed into one of the most powerful of tenormen with complete control over his horn and the ability to bring intensity and passion (plus taste) to any musical situation.

Scott Yanow / All Music Guide

George Kahn George Kahn's music captures the feel of the West Coast Jazz scene of the 50’s & 60’s, but with a contemporary edge.

Greg Mathieson Among the finest of LAs keyboard players/composers on the Jazz Fusion scene.

Jenna Mammina Jenna's restless artistic spirit is reflected in her constant travels, as she divides her time between San Francisco, New York, and her hometown, St. Joseph, Michigan.


Joe LaBarbera One of Jazz's most versatile drummers and composers.

John Abercrombie One of modern jazz's most influential guitarists.

John Beasley John’s music is always personal, artistic, and highly individualistic. It avoids cliche` and seems to continually expand as his improvised lines unfold, sprinkled liberally with harmonies that are fresh and spontaneous. His musical voice reveals much care and creative integrity.

Kim Richmond Whatever his mode of expression, be it instrumental performance, composition, arranging and conducting,Kim Richmond is striving to express a uniquely original voice, combining his extensive experience with the new sounds of our evolving musical world.

Kim Richmond - Clay Jenkins Ensemble

Kristin Korb A phenomenal musician, Kristen is a great bass player and excellent sing - and she does both very well at the same time.

“I’ve never heard anyone scat quite that fast! She has a great feeling – very musical.”

Ray Brown

Les Hooper Father of Dave Hooper. Need we say more?

Lonesome Tree More than seasoned pros, Karen Hammack (piano), Paul Kreibich (drums), John Gross (tenor saxophone) and Putter Smith (bass), making up the Karen Hammack/Paul Kreibich Quartet, show themselves here to be true artists. They have fashioned Lonesome Tree.

Lounge Art Ensemble A special offering from 3 of the Planet's great musicians.

MALT MALT’s music is dynamic and accessible, lifting spirits as they play music from the heart. Listen to MALT and experience its blend of jazz, with a hint of blues, which captures the artistic chemistry of four friends that will stand the test of time.

Mark McMillen A major singing artist and composer on the Contemporary Jazz scene.

Mary Ann McSweeney A NYC-based bass player, arranger and composer with 2 CDs to her name. A very versatile musician.

Matt Harris One of the most prolific composers and arrangers in Southern California.

Matthew Von Doren

Melvin Lee Davis Melvin has travelled the world and continues to be in high demand across many genres of music because of his incredible talent and positive demeanor on and off stage.

Michael White For many musicians, there comes a time when being a successful sideman isn’t enough and a true artist with a unique voice emerges. For Michael White, drummer extraordinaire whose multi-faceted resume as a touring and session player has encompassed a versatile blend of Rock, Country, R&B and Jazz for over fifteen years, that time is now.

Is there anyone this guy HASN'T worked with?

Mike Campbell

Mike Fahn A tremendously provacative and original player.

Paul Kreibich One of L.A.'s busiest jazz drummers who also is a respected teacher and accomplished composer.

Pete Carney


Peter Erskine A master drummer and musician, Peter can be heard in a wide variety of situations. Many are presented on this site.

Peter Erskine - Richard Torres A major saxophone player who came to prominence with Stan Kenton's Band.


Quintet of the Hot Club of San Francisco This group takes a wonderful trip into one of the most colorful periods in jazz - and they do it expertly.


Rhythm Logic A recording group made of drummer Michael White, keyboardist Brian Simpson, bassist Dwayne Smitty Smith and guitarist Ron Smith.

Rick Culver A unique talent who has survived the jazz wars to become a legend for his individuality, creativity and precicision.

Sal Cracchiolo - Melanie Jackson Sal and Melanie came together because of their love of jazz, Latin jazz, and Brazilian music. This group is their baby and the music has been carefully chosen and crafted to create moods of love, laughter and fun - all served up just for jazz lovers.

SHAPES Produced by Grammy winner Jimmy Haslip, this is a group of top flight LA musicians that play very energetic and evocative music from a variety of genres. Perfect for picture.

Sherman Ferguson A true veteran of the jazz scene offers some of his most adventerous group improvisations.

Stacy Rowles A truly unique singer and player.

Steve Rudolph COMING SOON

Tercet Through their nine original tunes,Tercet finds common ground in celebrating the beauty and depth of their musical relationship.

Terry Waldo Terry Waldo is considered one of America''s premier performers and presenters of Ragtime and Early Jazz.

Texas Brown Big-city blues and R&B originals, soulful vocals, a mixture of Texas shuffles, hard funk grooves and Latin rhythms complimented by smooth and jazzy horn arrangements. Johnny (Guitar) Watson meets Steely Dan. You will enjoy this soul-healing experience.

Tolu The group Tolu-led by saxophonist Justo Almario and drummer Alex Acuña-is one rare ensembles that manages to establish a connection between jazz and Latin rhythms that ignites the energy in each.

Tom Canning A hugely versatile pianist, arranger and composer in a
tight-knit jazz trio setting.

Tom Garvin A premiere American pianist, arranger and composer, Garvin is in several different musical settings featured on this site. This is music of a highly emotional and sophisticated nature.

Tom Ranier One of LAs most sought after keyboard players and composer/arrangers in both jazz and studio settings.

Tom Warrington One of the premier bassists in jazz. Also Professor of Jazz Studies & Performance at UNLV.

Vince Mendoza Fast becoming one of the most innovative and original composers and arrangers in jazz. A two-time Grammy winner, Vince has worked with variety of artists from Bjork, Joni Mitchell and Bobby McFerrin to John Abercrombie, the Yellowjackets and Joe Zawinul.