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Jazz Planet is not a conventional music library. We are a growing database of great jazz performances and original compositions, organized specifically for  licensing to media production companies.

Jazz Planet was started by musicians. The artists receive over half of the fees charged. It is our hope that this site will become an important outlet for independent world-class jazz.

The licenses are buy outs, and, generally. our prices are pre-negotiated so there is no need for negotiating. However, some of the more potentially complicated uses, e.g., sampling or computer tones, have a contact name and number on their price page. We think that these uses may need some discussion.

End-User Process:

Customized music searches are simple , as tracks are indexed by Artist, Song Title, Genre, Era, Group Size, Featured Instrument, Tempo and Mood.

Our Genres page includes a list of the main genres of the music, the artists on the site who work in the genre and a list of links to some of the more historically influential stylists in the genre.

Audition - The end-user may audition a track via streaming and then choose a use by using our Quote/License page. After completing our use questionaire, a license fee can be calculated instantly. A quote page can also be  created and be printed out easily for reference.

Download - MP3 demo tracks can be downloaded anytime for editing and review.  The tracks are full length.

License - Licenses can be executed and hi-res tracks downloaded online immediately using credit cards or company checks .


Go to our HELP page, question #5 for a more detailed description of our license check out process.