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FOR ARTISTS: Use the links on the left  to review the Licensor Contract Summary .  Then click Licensor Contract for downloading and signature. Pay special attention to the Exhibit C Sample link. You will need to refer to this to complete your contract.

 Jazz Planet Submission Requirements:

 1.    The submitting artist/leader/composer controls the copyright (owns) the master recording

and all publishing rights for the composition(s).
  2.    The submitting party agrees to Jazz Planet's pricing system  which which is fair , realistic

and competitive. The artist receives 57% of  all licensing fees and Jazz Planet receives 43%. 

Fee structures can change with market conditions.
  3.    The submitting party signs a binding, but easily revocable contract (on the left , see

Licensor Contract Summary, Licensor Contract , Fee Split Chart and Example C Sample links).
  4.    The quality of the music and recording must meet Jazz Planet's high standards.
  All genres of jazz are accepted. We are particularly looking for music from the early days, i.e., Country Blues, New Orleans Jazz (Dixieland) and Swing - both big band and combo.
  Your listing costs you nothing and, currently we need you to submit a CD copy of the music to the address on the Contact Info link along with a biography of the group or individual artist/composer (or both) and photograph of same for publishing on the site - preferably via the Internet. Soon, you will be able to upload all this content to us directly.

  For a downloadable copy of the full contract to print and sign, click Licensor Contract.  When you print, sign and mail/fax the contract back to us, we'll be ready to add your track(s) to our database.

FOR LICENSEES: Use the links on the left to review the Licensee Demo Contract and the Licensee Final Contract. Pay special attention to the Terms of Service.

  You may audition any track by clicking on Sample. Bookmark the playback page and you can access the track at any time.

  For Demos, after inputting the requested info into the Demo Contract, click the Agree button to download an mp3 demo.

  Unless other arrangements have been made, to download a final track, you must accurately complete the credit card/e-check form with the provided Final License. If you wish to pay by

regular check, give us a call at  310 452-3000.

  Once the track is approved for licensing , there are options for activating:

—For companies known to us, an email or phone call can activate a license.

—For companies new to us, if you choose to pay by check l (as opposed to through 2checkout.com)  you will need to establish an account with us. Please call for details.


---Licenses will not be valid until payment is received in full.

---You choose and acquire the music you feel best fits your project. Sometimes this requires discussion and we are here to help. Please feel free to email us at planetjazz@mac.com

or call 310 452-3000.


If you have questions of any kind, just email or phone us.